(A Journey Across the Room)

Austria, 2010

Short Film - Single Channel - Super8 film transferred on HD Video 2.35:1

German Audio Stereo - 2’46”

With: Julia Logothetis
Voice: Georg Spitzer

Cinematography: Serafin Spitzer

A woman wanders around the 19th floor of a building, from an anonymous industrialized city. She has been told, through a series of cryptic indications, how to paint an imaginary landscape where to meet with the author of those letters. The geographical and physical distance with the person who is writing to her, can be reduced only through a methodic work of imagination and detach from what is surrounding her. The chance of traveling from a room, by seeing with eyes closed, to a place that exists only in both their minds. The difficult task is here expressed by the contradictory indications he gives her, as an explicit giving of what is a long distance communication with its time lapses. The strength to disclose the hitch can only be found in the accurate recollection of memories she has of their real encounters, once happened, far in time, but far, from where they both came.