(Almost a half-way told story)

Spain, 2011

Short Film Single Channel - HD Video 2.35:1 - Spanish Audio Stereo - 7'37"

Produced by: Real Academia de España en Roma
Voice: Pedro Villora

Editing: Alessandro Giordani

Sound Design: Giuseppe Silvi

All the memory of the world is kept in an old Academy we don’t know the location and time. The quarrel between two men from two different generations is told through vocal notes as annotations for a possible story yet to be told. The argument stands in the chances History has in order to be written. How do these two persons can tell a story? How do they deal with what History already told and what is possible to add? How to tell something while is happening? A story telling method as an inheritance, to be passed on from Maestro to pupil in the aseptic spaces of an Academy. Looking for the right balance between tradition and the possible re-invention of it, as two different generations and their different approach to key words of the Historic Study. The voice leading us to these spaces has never a face, but her subjective eye has the right detach of the present on past issues.