(Friday, Antwerp)

Italy, The Netherlands, 2019

Short Film Single Channel - 4K Video 1.33:1 - Dutch Audio Stereo - 7’04”

Produced by Archivio Atelier Pharaildis Van den Broeck

Places and sites of the life in Antwerp from Belgian designer and painter Pharaildis Van den Broeck (Opwijk, 1952 - Milan, 2014) are portrayed in a sequence of scattered realms through an imaginary bridge between her education period at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten and her designer period in Milan. Following a narrative developed around the steps of Pharaildis lifetime friend Bert Van Rossem, the camera takes the viewer in a timeless path from Antwerp street markets to the Mutrsaardstraat Fine Art Academy where she got her practice shaped.