Italy, Republic of Iraq  In post-production, expected release in 2023

Medium Length Film - Single Channel - HD Video 2.35:1 - Kurdish Sorani / Arabic spoken

Produced by: Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli

Realized with the support of: Pietro Arco Franchetti

With: Hazhan Hadi Saeed, Bayat Aziz, Hama Ali Kahn, Albirt Abdwllah, Newzad Alani, Dara Rashid, Dler Abdwllah, Zhanyar Jwanro, Sywan Zyrak, Braim Saeed Mhamad, Miran Abdwllah Baban, Raewf, Murshed Ahmed Mustafa, Nvar Omar Ali, Ayad Aram Saida, Barham Namiq Hema, Bilal Osman Ali, Jwana Abubakr

The city of Sulaymaniyah - between the Zagros Mountains and Mesopotamia, in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan - works as a backdrop for a set of staged daily life scenes. Moving through the urban scenario, “The Face That I Loved Let Me Down” gathers a constellation of characters - met or sought in the social fabric - followed and filmed without ever leaving the simple immediacy of their actual everyday. Suspended between reality and fiction, a heterogeneous sample of musicians, taxi drivers, students, workers, religious and artists act in the background of their tasks and conversations, letting emerge a controversial feeling of belonging as the protagonist.