The Netherlands, 2019

Installation with Translation Booth, Microphone, Headphones, Speakers, Light Boxes, Monitor

Ceramic Elements, 3D Printed Mini Translation booths, Carpet

With the faces of Lei Bovens, Ber Huijnen, Mieke Maaskant

With the voices of Jo Frenken, Nina Glockner, Marwan Moujaes

Produced by Van Eyck Academie

Three different languages are spoken simultaneously - overlapped - through some speakers in a room.

These are the voices of the three politicians representing the last three countries left in Europe, in a near future.

They are negotiating the permanent shutdown of the European Union. The chronicle of what happened in the room among the three politicians is narrated on the account of the British interpreter called in to translate that day. A monitor facing an empty translation booth slowly scrolls the transcription of the interview to the interpreter, her feelings, her metaphors on translating and interpreting. A series of ceramic objects representing her tools of translation and a mini 3D printed translation booth are complementary elements spread in the possible room of the installation.