(Building C, Apt #8)

Italy, 2017

Short Film Single Channel - Mini DV 1.33:1

Italian Audio Stereo - English Subtitles - 7’10”

With: Fulvio Pesarini, Livia Bellagamba, Claudia Bellagamba, Francesca Gualdi

Post Production Image: Marie Lequerc

Post Production Sound: Thomas Wood

A home in Rome is being emptied. One of the movers press play to some of the messages left unheard in the answering machine unveiling so, the story of Fulvio Pesarini and Livia Bellagamba.

“A home that was lived in just moments before I entered it, captured as it is being emptied out, violated in its intimacy as objects are being moved and removed of their meaning. A love story that was evidently never consumed, its potential lingering in the air, presented to me through one-way words from a single direction in the form of messages on an answering machine. The response of the person who received these messages is unknown to us, but it is rendered through the silence of the images of the place where they were listened to.”